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Glass Jar – Signature Collection


Introducing Kora’s “Signature Collection”. Each candle in this collection has an unique name and more importantly finest fragrances blended together to create one exotic perfume. Each candle would consist of 3 different layers of fragrances and as the candle burns down you will experience the aroma of each layer.

Description of Fragrances

Aviana  – The top layer holds fragrance of Clean Air and Fresh Linen, Middle note holds White Lily and the Base note holds Sweet Powder

Oda – starts with Geranium, goes down to the middle to offer Rose and Turkish Delight and ends with Sweet powder

Elora – another beautiful blend of Jasmine and Rose at the top note, Patchouli, spice and incense at the middle and the Base note holds Myrrh and Musk.

Zuri – this would fill the air with Peach and Plum, then will surprise you with Violet and Peony and leave a beautiful aroma of Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk and leather

Sia – This one has a beautiful blend of Citrus, Orange and Peach at the top note, Middle note offers Rose, Jasmine and Ylang and the Base note blends Moss, Sandalwood and Musk


Kora Candles

Kora candles are hand made in Sydney, Australia using premium 100% natural soy wax. Our soy wax contains a soy-based additive that is natural and kosher and free from pesticides.

We use a wooden wick in our candles. While the candle burns, the wooden wick makes a crackling sound just like a log fire burning. Wood wicks last longer and has good fragrance throw.

Product Specification

Small: $24.00 – Height 89mm x Width 77mm x 68mm (approx. 45+ hours burn time)

Medium: $30.00 – Height 99mm x Width 90mm x 81mm (approx. 70+ hours burn time)

Large: $38.00 – Height 108mm x Width 100mm x 91mm (approx. 90+ hours burn time)

If you wish to add colour to your candle then please contact us.



Aviana, Zuri, Elora, Oda, Sia


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